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arty / farty Year 2019 “A do-book that introduces children to art through the imagination of a forger.”
For this project we had to make a book based on three random words. Wolfgang Beltracchi, for children from 6-10 and science fiction. This book is made to introduce children to different styles of art. It is a do-book where they can go off limits and express their imagination through drawing, arts & crafts and more! Wolfgang Beltracchi is known to be one of the greatest art forgers of the world. Discover how Beltracchi turns the art world upside down! Features more information about different art movements, great masters of expressionism, cubism and surrealism – Picasso, Dalí, and many more. You can draw in the book, but if you want to be more creative just grab a big piece of paper and use your imagination!
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