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stress, ik zie je graag Year 2020 - bachelor assignment “Stress is not bad, even if you think so now. I'm not blaming you, of course. This is not a book to get rid of stress, but to get better in stress, by understanding, embracing and using it. Take on the challenge with yourself and you'll love your stress!”
This project is my bachelor assignment. Stress is bad, at least I always thought that. It's something that changed my life, but I had no idea it was stress. It was other symptoms that made me sick, but actually I made myself sick. I went through a deep valley, but came out stronger. With medical help, love from family and friends and especially by adjusting my perception about stress. By accepting and learning from it, I have experienced great growth in the past few years. I notice that many peers also experience a lot of stress such as deadlines at school and thinking about the future. All very normal at this age. I made this book - with inspiration from the book; The upside of stress - to inform people that stress doesn't have to be negative at all. If you learn to respond well, you can use it to your advantage. Of course, there can always be unexpected moments where things just don't work out. But then you can pick it up faster than the time before. Probably a lot will come your way, but then you will be ready + you will learn from it. After many life lessons and growth in recent years I can say; stress, I like you.
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